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Not Your Typical Bible Study

We are a fun and authentic women’s Bible Study, quirky and different, and focused on the study of the Bible and excited about the word like it’s good gossip.(Good News!). We don’t fit nicely in any predetermined model of Christian womanhood, do’s and don’t, or using Christianese to prove our faith, and we don’t like presenting ourselves in a certain way like some sorority–no shade on sororities–but God is so much bigger than that.

We are not life coaches, or women yelling at you. preaching at you, or telling you how to be, but women who are on this journey with you, dealing with every day life like you are, with its difficulties and successes, and even in our diverse approaches, we are His children, carrying a puzzle piece that you need as we, too, try to live according to His word and His purpose in our lives. We hope it’ll help you.


- So Different yet So the same



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What about...?

How do I apply this?

– D.G.B.S. –

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